Redesigning Christmas

The NPR show Studio360 recently featured Cleveland, Ohio native Michael Bierut from the design firm Pentagram.

The buzzword this year is change. But some things, like the traditions that surround the Christmas season, seem to remain the same. Kurt Andersen asked the design firm Pentagram to re-imagine the holiday beyond tinsel and holly. It goes something like this: drop the Santa, loose the red and green, play down the rampant commercialism and play up the message of peace and love.

Pentagram came up with quite an interesting concept. Take a second to listen, and look at some of their designs, including free wrapping paper to download and a x.mas e-card to send.

xmas pentagram


  1. very clever indeed. Loved hearing this story on NPR. How about an “Om-Mas” for the 800 million Hindu’s out there celebrating Divali in November.

    Congratulations again. Terrific work

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